SMJ Construction is a dynamic and innovative refurbishment builder based in London. We are a team of dream builders, committed to breathing new life into existing structures. Our founders, Saimir and Christos, bring a wealth of industry experience and a fresh perspective to the refurbishment industry. Our mission is to transform existing structures into high-quality, design-led spaces that enhance the communities they’re part of. We’re driven by a vision to redefine the refurbishment industry through innovation, commitment, and superior service. Our portfolio is rapidly growing with diverse projects, from residential homes that families cherish, to commercial buildings that drive business growth. At the heart of SMJ Construction are our core values: integrity, quality, and design excellence. These values guide every project we undertake and every relationship we build. We’re proud of our achievements but remain focused on our mission to build a better future.


From a young age, Saimir embarked on a hands-on journey in the construction industry, honing his skills as a tradesperson. His dedication and passion led him to become a qualified electrician, a master of decorative coatings, and a building contractor. With over two decades of experience, Saimir has successfully delivered hundreds of projects of varying scales. His hands-on approach to managing the technical aspects of each project showcases his extensive knowledge and expertise.


Christos, on the other hand, transitioned from a structural engineer to a project manager, working on some of Central London’s most prestigious ultra-high-end refurbishment projects. His strong background in architecture, interior design, energy, sustainability, and technology allows him to handle the engineering and design aspects of each project with finesse. As a Chartered Project Manager, Christos excels in helping clients understand the scope of their projects while effectively managing contracts and programmes.

Together, Saimir and Christos form a formidable team, bringing together a comprehensive set of skills and expertise. Their combined experience ensures a seamless and stress-free experience for their clients, making every project a success.